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About the K8 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) performance tools

With the distributive trades of 2012 being increasingly characterised by tough competition and hard-to-meet profitability targets, it stands to reason that a company in this sector would benefit from a means of accurately monitoring business performance. Indeed, whether such a firm is a small or large distributor, merchant, wholesaler or retailer, it is becoming customary to invest in some kind of business intelligence solution, such as the K8 solution developed by Kerridge Commercial Systems.

Software of this type makes it possible for an organisation’s management to more effectively compare current performance to targets, with the resulting analysis and assessment allowing the firm to adapt to an ever-changing industry. This is certainly the case with the K8 small business software, which has been tailor-made by specialists that possess extensive personal knowledge and experience of the sector. K8 is used by firms to meet a need for solutions ranging from forecasting to financial management.

The K8 software owes its performance monitoring capabilities to its incorporated Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tools. These are centred on three KPI dashboards, Director, Finance and Manager, which present performance information relating to the company branch, trading area or financial level. Users of this business intelligence software can switch displays to graphical presentations and other reporting styles whenever they wish, as part of a solution that is designed to suit individual preferences.

The Director Dashboard presents directors and senior managers with a holistic view of the business across multiple departments, with a top level overview of operations that also allows for a more detailed look at sales, margin data, refund/credit information and warehouse stock positions. The Finance Dashboard, meanwhile, is for senior finance managers that require high levels of control, data analysis and access capabilities. It makes it easy for such professionals to compare actual figures and budget in such areas as sales, margin and cash flow. There is both a Debtors View and a Creditors View, presenting clear information about the accounts receivable and payables positions respectively.

Finally, a Manager Dashboard is also available for department, branch, area or regional managers, tailored with specific requirements and permissions. Again, this dashboard makes available comparable information that allows for decisions to be made far more quickly about the likes of sales, stock levels and supplier permissions. With the information being shown in real time, it can be relied upon by managers to be accurate.

To learn more about every aspect of the business intelligence and financial management solutions of Kerridge Commercial Systems, simply visit www.kerridgecs.com.

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