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5 facts about field service software guaranteed to impress your boss

5 facts about field service software guaranteed to impress your boss

Mention field service software to some bosses, and they’ll happily beam, seeing it as a source of good profits, high levels of customer satisfaction, and hassle-free sales revenues. But mention it to other bosses, and—well, let’s just say that experiences vary.

So if your boss falls into this latter camp, it might be time to mention a few of the proven benefits. Simply put, field service software not only eliminates most of the headaches of operating a field service business, but also neatly turns them into sources of competitive advantage.

The result? A happier boss, plus a business boasting higher profits, improved levels of customer satisfaction, and rising sales revenues.

How? Read on.


#1 Improved engineer utilisation

Engineers are key to a field service operation, and field service software is key to the effective management of those engineers.

Through better job scheduling, engineers spend less time travelling from job to job. Through automated administration software, they spend less time filling in forms, and more time on productive work. And through better management of spare parts and task allocation, they spend less time on return visits.

The result? An increase in field service engineer utilisation, meaning an increase in completed field service visits, per day, per engineer. Which translates into additional sales revenues, for zero or minimal additional cost.


#2 Reduced vehicle costs

It’s not just field service engineers who experience an increase in utilisation and efficiency levels. That improved job scheduling and route planning results in an increase in vehicle utilisation as well.

The result: vehicles achieve a net reduction in miles travelled per field service visit - a reduction that directly translates into lower fuel costs, and less wear and tear on vehicles.

Put another way, an investment in field service software not only raises the top line, through improved service engineer utilisation, but also improves the bottom line, through lower costs.


#3 Better ‘first time fix’ rate

One fact your boss probably doesn’t know is that field service software can raise your field service operation’s ‘first time fix’ rate - an important measure that impacts both customer satisfaction, and costs.

Because when a field service engineer turns up at a job, he can finish it in one visit, leaving behind a happy customer, and also avoiding the costs of a repeat visit.

How does field service software deliver this improved ‘first time fix’ rate? Lots of ways, working in tandem. Better spare parts management. Better skills alignment. Better initial fault diagnosis at the call booking stage. Better job scheduling, so that complex and lengthy jobs don’t over-run, necessitating a return visit.

And so on, and so on. Individual impacts are subtle, but the end result of an investment in field service software is unmistakeable: a better ‘first time fix’ rate.


#4 Higher customer satisfaction levels

If all of this is beginning to sound as though field service software ought to deliver an improvement in customer satisfaction levels, you’re not mistaken: it does.

But field service software achieves improved customer satisfaction through other means, as well.

Simply put, it helps your field service operation to deliver a more professional and competent customer experience: things happen as they should, when they were predicted to.

Engineers’ visits can be scheduled, and scheduled highly accurately, when customers call, for instance. Thanks to better job scheduling, those visits take place as planned. And if required, customers can receive their paperwork and invoices, there and then, direct from the engineer.


#5 Better field service visibility

Finally, your boss is likely to be impressed by the increased visibility into operational effectiveness that field service software delivers.

Simply put, it’s all too easy for field service operations to become something of a ‘black hole’, with little insight into how teams of off-site and remote engineers are performing

No longer, thanks to in-depth real-time detailed reporting. In short, your boss need never be short of facts or information again, because field service software doesn’t just deliver an end-to-end planning, scheduling, and invoicing solution, it also delivers an end-to-end reporting solution.


The bottom line

Impressed? Your boss will be too.

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