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2016 ERP Report: 8 Significant Findings [Infographic]

2016 ERP Report: 8 Significant Findings 

Finding the right ERP system and the right ERP vendor can be challenging. Once found, implementing that ERP system is an expensive proposition; not just in terms of budget, but also in terms of time and resources. It’s crucial to make the right ERP choice that fits your business.

If you’ve read our recent blog Selecting the right ERP system: 5 critical questions to ask, you’ll know the important areas for consideration.

But what about customer experiences of ERP systems? The 2016 Report on ERP Systems and Enterprise Software, produced by Panorama Consulting Solutions, reveals independent research into the customer experiences of ERP systems, vendors, and implementations. You might be surprised by some of their findings.

The full report can be downloaded for Panorama’s website.

Here are some significant findings…

 KCS ERP Statistics


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